Famstar- the Best Snapchat Influencers Marketing Platform in India

Famstar is a leading Influencer marketing agency in India that offers the best influencer marketing platform to help various brands by connecting with influencers. Our influencer marketing experts tie brands with top social media influencers, content creators, and bloggers with potential customers to execute outstanding influencer marketing campaigns.
Famstar- the Best Snapchat Influencers Marketing Platform in India
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Most effective

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influencers on snapchat
influencers on snapchat

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Influencer marketing strategy

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Why Influence Marketing in Snapchat?

Snapchat is used mainly by Gen Z and very often Brands do not give pay any heed to it. Now, this is the worst thing to do because believe it or not Snapchat is the best influence marketing channel for your brand. Especially to show behind the scenes for a contest or any regular snaps with filters of course!

How is Famstar - the best Snapchat Influencer Marketing Platform in India?

Best Snapchat Influencers in India

Famstar has the best Snapchat Influencers for your brand campaigns. These influencers already have an online presence for your brand. If you want to target the Gen Z generation, then Snapchat is the platform for you.

Smart Campaigns for Snapchat

Suppose you want to conduct a brand campaign for your new burger joint. Famstar has the top food bloggers that will create an AR filter specifically for your brand and post a video. Not only will it create brand awareness but eventually you will gain customers as these food bloggers would make this a challenge where millions of people will take part.

Expertise Influencers on Snapchat

Right influencer marketing strategy

Brands on Snapchat tend to use Food Influencers, Travel bloggers or Fashion influencers. Famstar provides all these three niche influencers and we hunt for top food bloggers, top fashion bloggers, top travel bloggers for your brand.


Famstar has a team of experts that will find you the top Snapchat influencers.

In the beginning, we had Pinterest, Reddit for you to post pictures but something was missing. Snapchat was developed for this mere reason. Through Snapchat, you can make contests for your brand by making use of filters. Another great thing about Snapchat is that you can create your own bitmoji and make use of live video chats.

We have an amazing team who will find the best Snapchat influencers for you so that

●  You don’t have to waste time looking for the right influencers

●  To build your brand awareness

●  To target the audience that you want for your brand

●  Generate leads as well as shares.

Creating a network of influencers with your brand for future possible campaigns.


Select influencers: When brands share their business goal our team filters those social media influencers according to the engagement rate, past campaigns, followers base, performance metrics, campaign execution suggest them to the brand finally.

Hunts for relevant influencers: The team also hunts for the top Facebook influencer that is trending and take the next step. We next create engaging content that will blow up the audience’s mind along with these influencers for your campaign.

Brands get boosted: The brands get boosted as content creators share these inspiring stories on Facebook so that their fan base who can ultimately become customers get attention towards the product of the brand. This way we help the brands to get better awareness and lead through our advanced sponsored creator’s videos and images. Hence, being a reliable Snapchat influencer marketing agency our team delivers you successful campaign results through influencer marketing.


We choose the best influencers on Snapchat based on these categories given below

  • Food influencers/bloggers
  • Travel bloggers in India
  • Technology  Snapchat influencers
  • Beauty Snapchat influencers
  • Fashion Blogger/ Vloggers of Snapchat in India.
  • Comic Influencers
  • Motivation Snapchat influencers