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We saw how agencies keep brands & influencers in the dark so we created an AI-powered platform to promote payment and data transparency.

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Get started by creating your Famstar profile for clarity of business goals.

Create Campaign

Now is the time to elaborate your campaign requirements to get matched with the right influencers.

Choose Influencer

Once we have the details, influencers which are the right fit will be shown. You can talk and collaborate with the right fit yourself.

Run campaigns

Leverage the influence and reach of content creators to entice your target audience, get trending on social media

Manage your results

Real-time reports, automation of manual tasks, and other other affiliate tools to monitor the success of your campaign results.



Creative content inspires, creates desire and delivers value for your brand.

Create fabulous influencer campaigns and content instantly. Famstar is a one-stop-destination platform that offers easy influencer profile search, campaign management and analytics.

Not just this, our easily-accessible content farm has ready-to-use content posted by MILLIONS of creators. You can use & reuse to market your brand across marketing channels.

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Content Creators are SUPERHEROES who GET PAID! Period.

People fall in love with your creative content that brands must leverage to market themselves. Right valuation of work, minus the barter system, you have the power to drive customer loyalty, maximize revenue for brands and increase social reach.

That’s not enough, our Content Farm allows you to produce & save your creative content for the brands to explore, select & pay.

Get discovered and collaborate with the leading brands. Don’t sell your CREATIVITY for free!

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Most brands fail to connect with their audience

Why Famstar



Create Campaigns and work with the best content creators. Identify the right influencers for your brand's organic growth, and analyze the results in real-time.

Content Farm

FamStar provides influencers with the freedom to do what they love - CREATE QUALITY CONTENT. Explore the Content Farm and buy ready-to-use content with a single click.

Relationship Management

Manage collaborations with customizable brand-influencer relationship dashboard. Send in-app emails, control negotiations, approve post drafts, and dispense payments; we have all the tools needed.

Campaign Optimization

Our innovative analytics dashboards make it easy to calculate ROI, assess total earned media value, impressions, and reach and review all media engagements.

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